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The Colombo Academy of Hospitality Management (CAHM), Sri Lanka’s largest hotel school, is a joint venture between William Angliss Institute (WAI), Australia. Based in the SLIIT campus in Malabe, we are a dedicated centre for Hospitality, Tourism, Foods and Events. William Angliss has a proud history of over 80 years, and in our Melbourne campus we annually have over 22,000 local clients and students, and 1,800 international students from over 60 countries with more than 100,000 graduates worldwide.

The teachers at William Angliss Institute @ SLIIT are from the Hospitality Industry, both local and international. Their expertise vary from Hospitality Management, Bar Operations, Administration, Finance…etc., the Academy is visited by several guest lecturers across the year from WAI, Melbourne where the students gain knowledge about coffee, wine and culinary arts. Our training facilities include a well-equipped training kitchen, including a functioning in-house restaurant. Our courses are designed with industry needs in mind, and work to ensure that our graduates are ‘Career Ready’.

why study with us?

Scope and Opportunity

Hospitality and Tourism is one of the most powerful and most often overlooked tools for promoting economic and social development, in rich and poor countries alike. Tourism supports 10% of all economic activity on the planet and 8% of all global employment. It is one the largest exports and sources of foreign exchange earnings in the United States and most of Western Europe, and is also the leading export in over half of Least Developed Countries (LDCs). This is true of no other industry. Tourism is unique in so many other ways. In most countries it also nurtures and develops unique attractions such as indigenous culture, sports, wildlife, and nature reserves . This presents incredible opportunities for tourism to contribute to both the economic development, and development of a person as a professional. One of the primary reasons the multibillion-dollar hospitality and tourism industry is so popular as a career choice and it offers opportunities across various types of businesses and organizations all around the world, including:

  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Government advisory and Consulting
  • Education (such William Angliss)
  • Restaurants and Food Service
  • Cruise ships and Airlines
  • Theme parks and Integrated Resorts
  • Meeting and event planning
  • Recreation and sports management
  • Tourist destinations and attractions




Google Reviews

41 reviews
  • Yohan Pathum
    Yohan Pathum
    a week ago

    Awful Hotel School. One of those schools that you pass if you pay, they don't care much if you learn or not. At least half of the lecturers just give you tutorials but don't even try to teach anything. They change the subjects without previous notice. Wrost hotel school in sri lanka NOT RECOMMENDED

  • Judson George
    Judson George
    3 months ago

    I have communicating with Slit from 2022 and my son Joined 2023 December. The institute supported me very well. Specially Mr. Kiran coordinate and supported and guided us correctly. I wish all the best to STIL William Inglis University.

  • Eye Share
    Eye Share
    4 months ago

    I was a student here. When I enrolled in the certificate lll in commercial Cookery they said it was a one-year course, but it took more than one and a half years to complete that. More than one and a half year for just a certificate course. that's a terrible experience. don't go there !!! They don't care about your future. They only focus on your money.

  • Skin Store
    Skin Store
    9 months ago

    I have being here. And did some research on them and find out that they say that jobs will be guaranteed overseas or here in SL but at the moment they don't have any abroad vacancy.... And found that they sometimes post some local vacancies but they haven't received it directly from hotel. They currently send public vacancies which are open to the whole country. But if we go to the institute they will give us thousands dreams and job opportunities but if we do a small research they actually don't have vacancies for there alumni.... specially no abroad vacancies

  • Adrian Martil
    Adrian Martil
    a year ago

    My Son Allen Martil successfully completed his Diploma program William Angliss Institute at SLIIT Malabe and Graduated his final at William Angliss Institute in Melbourne, he was able to Successfully complete because of the innicial fine education given in Sri Lanka. We recommend William Anglis Institute at SLIIT Malabe any one looking for higher education in Hospitality & Tourism Management

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