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Lanka Agroartis (Private) Limited was found in 2007 to carry out Research, Development, Production and Distribution of Bio-Pesticide and Bio-Fertilizer. We also provide Consultancies on Plant Protection (Pest and Disease Control), Organic Farming and other related matters through our Internationally qualified and well experienced Scientists.


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  • LakGro Neem

    LakGro Neem 7.5 EC, a locally manufactured natural pesticide (botanical insecticide/miticide), holds full registration status (licensed) under the Pesticide Registration Act No. 33 of 1980 in Sri Lanka (Registration No. N 810000). The product, derived from the active constituents found in Sri Lankan neem seeds, is standardized using the most prominent active constituent, Azadirachtin A, and formulated into an EC with a bio-degradable surfactant system. LakGro Neem 7.5 EC is endorsed by the Department of Agriculture (DOA) for controlling leaf-feeding cat erpillars (Plutella xylostella, Spodoptera litura, Crosidolomia binotalis, Hellulla undarlis, and Trichoplusia ni) on cruciferous crops (cabbage, knol khol, broccoli, etc.) and sap-sucking pests (aphids, thrips, whiteflies, and mites) that lead to leaf curling and virus infections in chili and capsicum crops. It is also effective against a broad spectrum of pests attacking vegetable, fruit, and ornamental crops. Due to its low toxicity (WHO hazard category IV), a wide range of activity against pests, and a short Pre-Harvest Interval, it is suitable for pest control in various crops cultivated under different practices (organic and GAP certified cultivations, protected agriculture, and open-field crops).

    LKR 600.00
  • LakGro Bait

    Fruit flies are major pests affecting fruits and some vegetable crops, leading to economic damage, yield loss, and export restrictions. Female fruit flies lay their eggs beneath the fruit skin, and the developing maggots cause damage to the fruit. Newly emerged flies are highly attracted to protein sources to meet their essential protein needs for reproduction. The use of protein baits mixed with a toxicant is the only available tool for attracting and eliminating female flies, directly responsible for fruit damage. LakGro Bait® is a specially blended protein bait lure designed to attract fruit fly pests. It is the only protein bait recommended by the Department of Agriculture (DOA) for area-wide integrated management of fruit fly and melon fly pests in Sri Lanka. LakGro Bait® mixed with a toxicant (Spinosad, Success 2.5 SC®) should be applied to crop foliage as spots during the susceptible period of fruits to fruit fly pests. Integrating LakGro Bait® with other available sanitary/cultural/physical practices reduces the fruit fly population and minimizes damage in the surrounding areas to a manageable level. For more details, please refer to the product brochure.

    LKR 1,350.00



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