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Saviru Spices & Naturals (Pvt.) Ltd. – Produces, markets and exports premium quality pure Ceylon
spices, herbs, natural blends of teas and other natural foods in dehydrated form under 2
brands Amayuu( export) & Saviru( local highend) for delivering all natural goodness and freshness.
 A family enterprise committed to achieve certain Sustainable Development Goals.
 Women for women enterprise leaded by a team of professionals with great knowledge, skills
and attitudes and operated by well trained staff with same attributes.
 Established in 2017 as “Saviru Spices” – a partnership and then re-registered in 2022 as “Saviru
Spices & Naturals (Pvt.) Ltd.
 2 modern processing centers ( i. Ukuwelawatta, Nagolla, Ukuwela-Central province, matale
district, ‘Cinnamon Grove’, Puwakwatta,Wewahamanduwa,Matara-Suthern Province)
 20 direct employees (90% of them are women and youth) and hundreds of registered small
medium farmers as suppliers and many retailers, distributors and exporters.
 Source locally and sale globally.

To deliver most Authentic Pure Ceylon value added foods with all the natural goodness and freshness in
Premium quality.

SAVIRU SPICES endeavours to bring pride to Pure Ceylon spices, herbs, herbal teas and other natural
foods with true Sri Lankan identity that won the world for us over many centuries.
We blend the traditional artisanal skills with modern innovative technologies to delicately crafted
products of only the premium quality, healthier, authentic in pure natural form without any chemical
treatments, additives, preservatives, substitutes or wastes
We complete processing within 48 hrs from harvesting, most hygienically and maintaining traceability
with ISO 22000/ HACCP and ORGANIC quality certification, in order to preserve the freshness and
immaculate quality of Ceylon spices and other natural foods.
We do continuous innovations to diversify products and improve on quality/ competitiveness of Pure
Ceylon dehydrated foods and trust placed on our brand by customers worldwide.
We strive to create joyful experiences for our customers with all things of Sri Lankan dehydrated
foods while supporting hundreds of home gardens and small/ medium holder grower families in Sri

Our Management team
i. CEO, ENG.(MRS.) SRIYA WEERATHNGA, Bsc.Eng-(UoP), M.Eng (AIT-Thailand),Specialized in
post-harvest technology & Agri-business management

iii. Director, ENG.KAPILA WEERATHNGA, Bsc.Eng (UoP),M.Phil (UoP), Specialized in Energy


Our Features
1. Preserve natural goodness- Harvest is done at correct maturity stage. Processing is done using
proper Post harvest technologies including mechanical dehydration, to preserve natural herbal values,
taste, aroma and color. Properly packed and stored to avoid further quality losses.
2. Farm fresh experience to the customer – Harvest is sourced directly from farms and then process and
packed within 48 hrs.
3. Chemical Free – Fresh harvest is sourced from home gardens and smallholder farms. No chemical
treatments, preservatives, additives,, substitutes and wasted are used during processing.
4. Germs/ dust and impurities free- Harvest is cleaned thoroughly and undergo for natural necessary
pre-treatments, mechanically dried under proper controlled conditioned in well-designed dryers, to
avoid growth of mould.
5. Most hygienic – All the processing steps are done at well-equipped two modern model processing
centers with ISO 22000, HACCP and Organic processing certifications.
6. Trustworthy product- Maintain full traceability.

Our Values
1. Helps to save the people and planet-Provide healthier products without using any chemicals.
2. Value for the customers money- Premium quality, authentic product in consumer packs ready to use
even without washing again.
3. Price for the farmer’s harvest-No intermediates. Harvest is done at pre-agreed price and time.
4. Helps to utilize the lands-Encourage home gardeners and small/medium holder farmers to get more
harvest providing a sustainable market place. Make them inspire to restore world famous Kandyan
Home Gardens.
5. Empowers women and youth- Provide direct and indirect employments as in-site staff, suppliers of
raw materials and retailers /exporters.


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