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Delivering the essence of Nature!

PEPE CEYLON is a food processing company, a range of spices and herbs-based products manufacturer incorporated in 2020 at Monaragala in Sri Lanka. We aim to deliver the essence of nature to the customer through a process which delivers high-quality output at each step from sourcing to delivery.


Deliver exceptional quality products by applying accurate and up-to-date knowledge in a meaningful and sustainable way for the benefit of all stakeholders and the environment.


To be a premier name for natural products that promote health and well-being, providing superior quality and diversified products to the global markets by being a progressive and profitable group that differentiates the service and adds value to products to create a community with sustainable and meaningful values.

Raw Material Details

PEPE CEYLON sources 100% of its spices, herbs and other food ingredients from smallholder farmers covering diversified agroecological zones ranging from Upper Uva to dry zone areas in the Southeastern flat terrains of Central Highlands through the intermediate zone. PEPE CEYLON commits to delivering the essence of nature to the world for your nutrition and health needs.


Once handpicked at the source, handling of the raw material and transportation is carried out in compliance with meeting the required quality with the supervision of PEPE CEYLON personnel. Processing, packaging, and storing are done in the fully owned processing Centre with the machinery meeting global standards.Pepe Ceylon always embeds ethical sourcing and manufacturing practices along with a well-crafted process which always values social well-being and women empowerment.

Empowering Rural Communities and Women

We closely work with rural communities and our goal is to empower them and have a win-win across the value chain in many different ways like farmer development, raw material sourcing and giving employment. In this effort empowering women will be a key as we prfioritize job opportunities towards women and indirectly empowering them by developing rural farming families with long term engagements.

Furthermore, we encourage and empower women to contribute to our business and work as catalysts in taking our organisation to the next level. Women in our organisation play a vital role and their contribution to the organisation is immense at this juncture.

Moreover, our training and process driven environment are designed in such a way that anyone could learn faster and adapt to the environment quickly.



Sub category




  • 100% Natural Black Pepper

    PEPE CEYLON Black Pepper is made from dehydrated 100% natural matured Pepper berries handpicked from Pepper vines in the off-season fruit belt in Uva Province in Sri Lanka. PEPE CEYLON Black Pepper is particularly favoured as it is rich in piperine, the alkaloid which lends it a distinct pungency. Pepper is one of the oldest commercialized spices in the world and is known as the “King of Spices”. · Support weight loss · Good for the stomach · Antibacterial quality · Skin health

  • 100% Natural Turmeric

    PEPE CEYLON Turmeric powder is made by grinding dehydrated 100% natural Turmeric rhizomes which are hand-dug up by farmers in Monaragala in Sri Lanka. PEPE CEYLON Turmeric has a high content of curcumin. Having a rich history of over 4000 years in Indian Vedic culture, Turmeric has a range of benefits in health, food culture, and dyeing. · Immunity-boosting · Antioxidant properties · Support in controlling some liver diseases · Helps with weight loss · Effective anticancer agent

  • 100% Natural Ginger

    PEPE CEYLON Ginger Powder is produced by grinding dehydrated 100% natural Ginger rhizomes which are hand dug up by farmers in Monaragala in Sri Lanka. Ginger has a long history of usage in different forms for different uses in different cultures across the globe. Ginger contains about 2% of essential oil which contains Zingiberene as the principal component. • Relieving digestive problems • Digestive tract protection • Supports stable blood sugar • Helps with anxiety, depression, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and post- traumatic stress disorder • Eases Periods pain


  • 100% Natural Moringa Leaves

    PEPE CEYLON Moringa powder is made from dehydrated 100% natural Moringa leaves which are freshly handpicked from the Moringa tree/ “Miracle tree” in Monaragala in Sri Lanka. It has a variety of science-backed benefits and medicinal uses, · Good protein source for vegans · Support to lower blood sugar levels cholesterol · Support malnutrition for infants · Support to Feeding mothers · Effective anticancer agent

  • 100% Natural Curry Leaves

    PEPE CEYLON Curry Leaves powder is made by grinding dehydrated 100% natural curry leaves which are freshly handpicked at the rural gardens in Monaragala in Sri Lanka. Curry leaves are used for giving aroma and flavour to curries and soups. · Reduce Cholesterol levels and heart diseases · Stops Diarrhea · Anti-Diabetic Properties · Gastrointestinal Properties


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