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Green poly Lanka give hand to create ECO FRIENDLY Polythene Pallets through recycling we are starting our journey on 2019 February at Industrial Zone Kotagala.

Polythene also known as polyethylene (PE), is a type of plastic that can be recycled! This is good news because it helps reduce plastic waste and its negative impact on the environment.

polythene recycling:

  • Benefits: Recycling polythene reduces reliance on landfills, conserves resources like oil, and cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Process: Polythene goes through a sorting and cleaning process. Then, it’s melted down and remade into new products such as plastic bags or bottles.
  • Challenges: While recycling facilities exist for polythene, sorting and processing can be complex.

Environmentally friendly polythene use:  for you ……..

  • Reduce: Before recycling, consider if you can reduce polythene use altogether. Can you reuse shopping bags or find products with less packaging?
  • Reuse: Give polythene items a second life whenever possible. Use shopping bags for multiple trips or repurpose packaging for storage.
  • Recycle Properly: Ensure your polythene is clean and sorted according to local guidelines for maximum recycling efficiency.

Reduce, Refuse, Reuse, Recycle Polythene .

                       Our Past We Cannot Erase. Our Future Needs Less Waste. Make The World A Beautiful Place,

                                                                                                                                   Start Reducing Our polythene Waste


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