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DBJ Handmade Paper

Ketakulawa, Rikillagaskada
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The handmade paper industry is a fascinating and unique sector that produces beautiful, sustainable, and often one-of-a-kind paper products. Unlike mass-produced machine-made paper, handmade paper is created by hand using traditional techniques that have been passed down for centuries.

Here’s a closer look at the industry:


·         Raw materials: Handmade paper can be made from a variety of natural fibers, including cotton, linen, hemp, abaca, and even recycled paper. These fibers are pulped and beaten into a slurry, which is then spread onto a fine mesh screen to form a sheet of paper.

·         Sheet formation: The papermaker skillfully dips the screen into the slurry, allowing the fibers to adhere to the mesh. The screen is then shaken to remove excess water and create a thin, even sheet of paper.

·         Drying and finishing: The newly formed sheet is carefully laid onto a felt cloth and pressed to remove more water. It is then dried slowly, either in the air or using a gentle heat source. Once dry, the paper may be sized with gelatin or starch to improve its strength and writing properties. Finally, the paper is trimmed and finished to the desired size and shape.


Handmade paper can be used for a wide variety of purposes,

·         Stationery: Handmade paper is often used for greeting cards, invitations, and other special occasion stationery.

·         Art paper: The unique texture and natural variations of handmade paper make it ideal for drawing, painting, and printmaking.

·         Books and journals: Handmade paper can be used to create beautiful and unique books and journals.

·         Decorative items: Handmade paper can be used to make a variety of decorative items, such as lampshades, boxes, and wall hangings.


·         Sustainability: Handmade paper is often made from recycled materials or tree-free fibers, making it a more sustainable choice than machine-made paper.

·         Uniqueness: Each sheet of handmade paper is unique, with its own subtle variations in texture and color.

·         Quality: Handmade paper is often of higher quality than machine-made paper, with a stronger and more durable construction.

·         Craftmanship: Handmade paper represents a long tradition of craftsmanship and skill.

Handmade paper is more labor-intensive to produce than machine-made paper, which makes it more expensive.                                                                                But we take a part of the tradition & Culture with our production


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