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The Green tea manufacturing industry is a complex and fascinating one, steeped in tradition and meticulous processes. From cultivating the tea plants to the final steaming and drying, each step plays a crucial role in producing the high-quality green tea that we enjoy.


·         Green tea plants, Camellia sinensis, are typically grown in shaded areas to prevent oxidation and preserve their green color.

Green tea plant field

·         Different cultivars and growing conditions create a wide variety of green tea flavors and characteristics.

·         Sustainable practices are becoming increasingly important in the industry, with organic farming gaining traction.


·         Green tea is typically hand-harvested, ensuring only the youngest and most tender leaves are picked


·         The processing methods used for green tea vary depending on the desired type and quality.

·         Some common methods include pan-frying, steaming, and sun-drying.

·         Each method has its own unique effects on the tea’s flavor, aroma, and color.

·         Pan-frying: This method involves quickly heating the leaves in a wok to halt oxidation. It results in a grassy, vegetal flavor.

Panfrying green tea

·         Steaming: Steaming is a gentler method that preserves more of the tea’s delicate flavors and antioxidants.

Steaming green tea

·         Sun-drying: This traditional method is less common today but can produce unique flavors depending on the drying conditions.

Sorting and Grading:

·         After processing, the tea leaves are sorted and graded according to their size, shape, and quality.

·         This ensures consistency within each tea grade and determines the final market price.

Packaging and Distribution:

·         Green tea is typically packaged in airtight containers to preserve its freshness and flavor.

·         Distribution channels vary depending on the target market, with options including direct-to-consumer sales, wholesale distributors, and supermarkets


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