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SARA production successfully running HAND MADE tea industry since 2023,

Handcrafted tea refers to tea leaves that are processed with minimal to no machinery involvement. The result is a more unique and flavorful cup of tea compared to mass-produced varieties

Here’s what makes HAND MADE tea special:

  • Hand-picking: The tea leaves are plucked by hand, ensuring only the finest and most tender leaves are selected. This leads to a higher quality tea with a more complex flavor profile.
  • Minimal processing: Since there’s less machinery involved, the natural flavors and characteristics of the tea leaves are preserved.
  • Traditional techniques: Handcrafted tea makers often use traditional methods that have been passed down for generations. These techniques can result in unique visual characteristics, like rolled leaves or artistic shapes.

Sri Lankan hand-rolled black tea: This tea is known for its rich, full-bodied flavor and malty finish. The leaves are rolled by hand, which creates a beautiful appearance and helps to develop the flavor.


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