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Black Tea – This handmade Black Tea is produced by tightly rolling young fresh tea leaves and buds, keeping the leaf in a more pristine shape. This exquisite and rare artisanal black tea is produced in extremely limited quantities for those discerning consumers who are looking for the next-level experience in their cup of tea.

Green Tea – This handmade Green Tea is made from carefully selected hand-plucked fresh tea leaves. The leaves are then hand-rolled by skilled artisans, leading to rich in aroma, texture, and flavor. Our Handmade Green Tea is carefully processed to preserve its natural freshness, leading to that’s full of antioxidants and nutrients.

White Peony Tea – The new bud and one young leaf are plucked from the special cultivar to produce this fragrant, sweet and mellow tea. The buds have distinct white hair that makes the brew texture smooth and refined. This tea gets its name from the way the tea leaves blossom as they are infused in water. It is widely considered the second highest-quality white tea.

Silver Tips Tea – The Silver Tips tea is one of the most exquisite, rare, and expensive white teas in the world. The SENSE Silver Tips Tea is made from the hand plucked tea buds of the specific tea trees grown in the mountain regions in high altitudes ranging from 2500m- 3000m. The beauty of the infused buds adds to the pleasure of this unique brew.


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